Fully Managed Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

For big corporations or websites with immense traffic, a dedicated server is a perfect website hosting option. You get easy data connectivity with dedicated servers and the tremendous traffic is comfortably accommodated.Learn more about us at https://yegfitness.ca/4-fitness-and-wellbeing-business-ideas/.ca/4-fitness-and-wellbeing-business-ideas/

The two most common operating systems, Windows and Linux, come with the Dedicated Server Hosting Kit. Basically, the safest forum for a newbie as well as for managing your company website is Windows dedicated servers. The Windows Servers are fitted with Microsoft Windows Server 2003, a Microsoft operating system.

Windows Server 2003 by Microsoft

Windows Service 2003 can be used with a number of items, making it the ultimate server operating system. Windows Server 2003 is now built on a server that is devoted to Windows. You have the full right to modify and instal the application specifications and OS with Windows dedicated server hosting.

If hosting MSSQL/ASP/ASP.net web pages is your prerequisite, then you are on the right way. The dedicated Windows server is the best option for you, since we all realise the Microsoft items are ASP and MSSQL.

In addition to this, a Windows server has various benefits. As a database administrator, you can use the Windows application by just using the IIS domain server. This is an application that is used with the installation of Microsoft Windows Server. Another advantage is that you are willing to host it as a media server utilising the Windows media server programme.

Apart from these beneficial characteristics, the dedicated Windows server also supports PHP and MySQL database server scripting languages.

This dedicated Windows server is dedicated exclusively to you without sharing services with any other person, thus growing the protection of your website and server. The server runs quicker than the VPS of the same specification, as it is non-shareable. In comparison, VPS reacts very easily to the Processor used in Windows dedicated server hosting since it is not separated into n VPS numbers.