Impact Glass USA – An Update

What if the Three Little Pigs had instead chosen impact doors? Living by the sea is such a delight: going for a walk on the white sand beach each day can be such a delight, especially with the lovely sunshine and gentle breezes blowing. But what if Hurricane Season came? No beach or deck chair would be safe from the wrath of a hurricane. It is also known that the stronger the wind, the greater the damage inflicted on homes and other buildings, and impact windows would suffer the most. Impact Glass USA – Miami impact windows is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Impact windows are made with materials that can withstand tremendous force. For example, the polycarbonate material used in CIGI impact windows does not break or crack under pressure, which is especially useful during hurricanes. Furthermore, CIGI does not use ozone, which is a man-made pollutant that is released into the atmosphere during manufacturing. Ozone can act as a catalytic agent that changes the chemical makeup of pollutants in the air. So, it is useful in reducing pollutants from entering the atmosphere, but it is a very reactive gas that could cause serious health problems, especially if inhaled.

Therefore, instead of hurricane windows, what would be more appropriate in terms of hurricane protection is using specially-designed CIGI (the latest technology in impact windows) glass which has been specially treated so as to make it impervious to all kinds of weather and temperature changes. It is also strong and sturdy, and is quite difficult to break. Also, a properly-installed storm door is also an important precautionary measure. Storm doors are made of steel or aluminum and are equipped with a safety latch that only open when pressure is applied on the glass and the seal between the glass and the door is broken. Also, this kind of glass is also available in various colours to complement the interior decor of any home.