Introduction to Buckley Utility Locating

Buckley Utility Locating System is one of the most effective and reliable ways of finding underground utility leaks. The Inspection by CCTV provides a non-destructive as well as proactive method of finding utility leakages. This system uses video surveillance technology to get visual evidence on where the leakages are located. This system helps to assess any problems with the drainage and pipe systems, including blockages and damages. The inspection also determines the cause of the problem in the first place and the scope of the problem so that you can choose the best possible solution. Checkout Buckley Utility Locating for more info. The Buckley Utility Locating System is ideal for locating underground utility leaks in the underground systems of your building.


Buckley Utility Locating System is a new innovation, which uses an infrared thermal imaging camera. This camera uses heat and light signals to detect heat sources that are concealed under ground. The camera works like an infrared thermometer, but it can use its infrared heat sensors to detect heat sources. Once you have detected a heat source then the camera will automatically switch on and record video data. You can view the video footage of the location where the leak is located later and identify the source of the leak.

The Buckley Utility Locating System is available online for viewing on a PC. There are many benefits of using this software; the first benefit is the ability to save money on repairs and other expenses when you find a leak or a hole in the ground. The second benefit is the fact that the Buckley Utility Locating System can identify leaks and holes in the ground, as well as pinpoint the location of utilities. The last benefit is that the Buckley Utility Locating System can help reduce the amount of time it takes to locate underground utility leaks.

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