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Today, more than ever, a Cosmetic Dentist decision is a vital choice that should be made with the utmost consideration. How should you pick a cosmetic surgeon, then? After all, many general dentists conduct at least some forms of cosmetic dental procedures in today’s marketplace. There has been a dramatic surge of “cosmetic dentists” into the profession over the last few years, so much so that becoming a “cosmetic dentist” is now a cliche in the industry. Uh, pass?

It is important to achieve the most successful outcome – your beautiful new smile – to select the right cosmetic dentist for you, one with significant experience in complicated cases, thorough hands-on training, and a gentle approach that compliments your needs and desires. Trained and discerning individuals will know that most “cosmetic dentistry,” is difficult and a precise series of operating procedures that for years to come will have a drastic effect on their lives.

It can be a complicated and frustrating procedure to find a cosmetic dentist. In the end, it is a personal decision that must be taken by each individual for themselves. However during the selection process, we can provide some recommendations that our customers have found helpful.

The bulk of cosmetic dental operations, not emergencies, are elective procedures. In terms of your comprehension and emotional satisfaction, time spent learning about the dental treatments, various methods and materials, and cosmetic dentists you are considering will pay great dividends later. See a variety of multiple cosmetic dentists for a consultation if in doubt. This will explain those personal attributes you would like your cosmetic dentists to have in your own mind.

Technical skills, an artistic eye, and a comprehensive post-graduate training programme in cosmetic dentistry are required to perform these procedures at the highest level. It could surprise you to hear that the vast majority of dental schools do not teach cosmetic dentistry courses at all. They are generally limited to just a few introductory courses for the few who do. Your mouth is not the venue for training on-the-job. It is also important that the cosmetic dentist you continuously choose completes a set of hands-on courses in cosmetic dentistry. The field is rapidly evolving and what was state-of-the-art five or ten years ago is no more. To get optimum results, in-depth training is required to learn the latest techniques and materials. The importance lies not only in improving the professional judgement and technical capacity of the dentist, but also in demonstrating his/her contribution to the highest degree of excellence in practising cosmetic dentistry.

There are specialties in both dentistry and medicine that suggest a higher level of education, experience and skill in specific areas of focus. However, currently, there is no recognised specialty in cosmetic dentistry by the American Dental Association (ADA). The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) was founded in 1984 and has satisfied the need for credentialing in this field. The AACD is currently the largest international dental association devoted exclusively to the art and science of cosmetic dentistry, with 5,000 members in the U.S. and in 40 countries around the world. The AACD also administers the leading cosmetic dentistry accreditation programme. The accreditation process is a comprehensive programme that allows dentists to undergo a variety of cosmetic dentistry continuing education classes, be tested, and submit a number of cosmetic cases to be reviewed by a panel of experts in cosmetic dentistry.

Think again before randomly picking a dentist from the phone book or depending on your long-time family dentist to give you the smile of your dreams. Wonderful cosmetic dentistry is an art. The truth is that many dentists are generalists who have not done cosmetic smile makeovers very often or with a regularity that contributes to this art’s mastery. So for example, if you consider veneers, you can ask precisely how many veneers have been put in by the cosmetic dentist. Not only have our doctors put in a few, or even a few hundred, like many dentists, but they put in a thousand veneers a year. Placing this amount of veneers enables our dentists to see a wide range of several different kinds of smiles and to strengthen the case by bringing this knowledge and expertise.

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