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IV therapy is a specialized medical technique which delivers liquids, drugs and nutrients directly to the vein of an individual. The traditional intravenous route of delivery is often used for providing food or fluid to individuals who can’t eat through the mouth or for rehydration. This treatment modifies the flow of blood by introducing fluids into the veins to replace what has been removed via the gastrointestinal tract or from the lungs. For example, blood is removed via the gastrointestinal tract before it is pumped into the circulatory system to provide nutrients to the cells. When the blood returns to the lungs, it is pumped again via the pulmonary vein, which means that the nutrients are carried out of the lungs and into the blood stream where they provide vital nutrients directly to the heart.You may find more information at San Diego IV therapy.

The problem with traditional IV therapy is that it can cause scarring in the form of platelet adhesion or hematoma (an accumulation of blood in the vein). Furthermore, the delivery of fluids can cause venous reflux, a painful condition that requires medical intervention and frequent hospital admissions. A newer option in the field of medical therapy is the use of medical grade IV tubing which is designed for the precise delivery of medications. These drip nozzles deliver medication directly to the vein, avoiding the need for repeated injections into the affected area. They are especially useful for delivering chemotherapy and other medications such as anti-cholinergic drugs or cholesterol lowering drugs.

Although IV fluids may cause side effects such as varicose veins, painful urination, headache and nausea, they are the most effective way of delivering medications to the veins. Although IV fluids may cause severe discomfort, side effects are few if any. To prevent the possibility of side effects while delivering the intravenous therapy, patients are advised to take one-half ounce of intravenous fluids before the medication is administered. However, IV therapy has its downsides, such as the risk of bleeding, infection and electrolyte imbalance.

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