Trucker Hats: The Trend Never Stopping

Trucker hats were hats that were originally a giveaway item to staff in the countryside in America by cattle feed and farm machinery firms. They were seen by truckers in the 18th century because they were inexpensive and readily available at all retail stores and often even cost a penny. Trucker hats have become more than a free giveaway goodie in modern times and are worn by many well-known celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake and Judah Friedlander, making it a highly regarded fashion accessory. It’s natural to mimic your favorite celebrities and combine their personal lives with their style and accessories, ¬†check out the post right here.

Trucker hats are not made up of fabric and are composed of two separate materials, unlike the standard and traditional hats available on the market. That is a plastic mesh like a back covering and the other is a rigid foam front of the hat. In the front, it has a slightly angled extension and that protects from the sun a large area of the face. At the middle, which is fitted with a button on the top of the cap, smaller triangular pieces of the plastic mesh and one big single triangular piece of foam join together. The trucker hat appears to look sturdy because of the stiffness in the front foam, which gives the hat bearer a taller look.

Baseball caps are made of fabric so that they do not stand rigid and, moreover, the sweat is easily seen on the rim of the cap when an individual perspires. Trucker caps, on the contrary, are lined with sponge that absorbs the sweat and is readily dried off, giving on the outside no dirty sweaty impressions. There are tiny holes in the plastic mesh that provide a lot of ventilation. Such caps can be washed and dried quickly and they achieve the same shape and stiffness they had before washing.