Why You Should Hire a DUI Lawyer

You can experience a number of emotions after a DUI arrest, including being regretful, remorseful, ashamed and afraid. You are still possibly thinking about high penalties and fines, possible time in prison and a criminal record. However, this is not one of the occasions when you can defend yourself in court, unlike having a minor traffic ticket, as the consequences are far more severe. Hopefully, reading this will help you know why a DUI lawyer should be hired. By clicking here we get info about DUI Attorney
The burden of evidence is on the state! You must recognize that the state (i.e. the prosecutor) has the duty of proving you are guilty before you go to court and plead guilty and accept whatever penalty is handed down. Only an experienced DUI prosecutor can analyze the facts against you critically and is competent and experienced with field sobriety checks and breathalyzers. An experienced prosecutor would be able to assess if the breathalyzer system itself or the actual output of the breathalyzer test had any issues, thus undermining the argument of the State against you.
In addition, a DUI lawyer will immediately begin gathering evidence, questioning witnesses and determining whether the court can file any pre-trial motions. In addition, a DUI lawyer may be able to mitigate the fines and/or prison time, which may not happen if you chose to defend yourself. Finally, a DUI lawyer has ample courtroom experience and knows the rules, including the local law and the procedures of the local court in question. A DUI lawyer will know exactly what proof to present at the trial, when to present it, what questions to raise about evidence and cross-examination and what questions to avoid.
Understandably, due to the costs associated with doing so, there could be reluctance about hiring a lawyer in general. It is important to understand, however, that you are paying for experience, knowledge and the best results possible. You will be advised by a DUI lawyer and you will zealously fight for your rights. They better comprehend this unique field of law than anybody else. A DUI offense is serious and since it won’t go down on its own, you have to deal with it. So why not recruit someone you can trust, someone who can defend you in court, and someone who can deliver the best possible outcomes for you? Why not employ a DUI Attorney to represent you so that you know that your case was portrayed in the best possible light when you put this ordeal behind you.