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Aurora Reiki Therapist –  Steps of Reiki

The first step to Reiki is for the client to make a decision as to when he or she wants to receive a Reiki treatment. Do you want to learn more? Visit Aurora Reiki Therapist. Reiki will work if the client’s energy field is conducive, that is, a clear path of strong energy is visible from the client’s body to the Reiki therapist’s body. For Reiki to be effective, the energy has to be transmitted through the skin to where it is needed most. When the client feels uncomfortable with the atmosphere or has any concerns about being exposed to an unqualified Reiki therapist, they should inform their therapist before treatment begins.


Once the Reiki session has begun, the client will lay face down on a massage table and the Reiki therapist will apply steady pressure at different points along the client’s body in order to release blocks of blockage, stress, and energy and transfer them to the Reiki therapist. The exact location of where Reiki is to be administered will depend upon the client’s physical condition and on the therapist’s understanding of his or her needs. The client should be aware that this healing method can cause some pain, discomfort, numbness, or tingling sensations. There should not be pain or restriction of movement during the actual healing process. A Reiki therapist should also let the client know that this may last up to half an hour.

Reiki can provide a tremendous amount of relief to those who are experiencing physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual pain. When using Reiki, the client will feel invigorated, cleansed, and renewed by the Reiki therapist’s gentle but powerful touch. The healing process is safe and does not require surgery, administration of anesthesia, or any injections of medicine. All treatments are done at the client’s convenience and in accordance with their individual preferences.

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