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Small Star Tattoo- An Overview

Small star tattoos are an increasingly popular tattoo. Commonly, small tattoos are sought by females and larger portraits are favored by males. Learn more about Tattoo. The meaning of a star tattoo varies. Some people believe the star represents being successful, such as the saying, “reaching for the stars”. Others believe that it represents a persons “inner star.” Many people just like the design. The benefits of small star tattoos include the following:

1. Compact: Small tattoos are easy to hide if you need to so for work. Also, they can fit in more places than larger tattoos. For instance, a popular area that females usually choose to put a small tattoo is on the ankle or lower stomach. Another popular place for smaller tattoos is on the neck. A series of “shooting stars” is still compact, yet it brings more detail. Using less space on the skin allows room for more tattoos.

2. Less Pain: Getting a smaller tattoo instead of a larger tattoo usually takes less time and you will endure less pain. Tattooing a small area of the body means fewer nerves are irritated. If you’re not into pain, I would recommend a smaller tattoo. With any tattoo, the saying “no pain, no gain,” holds true, but don’t let that stop you from pursuing a lifelong piece of artwork.

3. Cost less: Generally speaking, larger tattoos cost more than small tattoos because they are more labor intensive. Small star tattoos are common, and do not contain as much detail as other tattoos such a fairy tattoo, or dragon tattoo. However, adding detail or color can increase the price of any tattoo.

After all that I explained, considering the size, pain, and cost, of any tattoo is important. The appearance of a star tattoo is undoubtedly stunning. Even more astonishing is the ideas that a star represents. Life-long portraits on your skin are not just a fad; they are a representation of a person’s inner self. I would like to wish you luck finding your next tattoo!

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